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Kim. Mom of 2 & Massage Therapist, Ontario
I have just completed the 4 week Mind Body Soul program with Jennifer Nicole Lee. I can't believe how much fun I have had during this transformation and how much I am enjoying the process and my life, right now! I have lost over 10 pounds. But while that's great, let me explain that this has been no sacrifice. I am eating and working out very much in a sustainable manner. I've not gone overboard or gone crazy. I've enjoyed my cheat meals once a week but have not been "perfect" the rest of the time. I do remind myself when thinking about food that I do not want to put an unclean thing into my body, my temple. I find that I want to eat things that are nutritious and I feel a high respect for my body. I have of course enjoyed the one on one phone calls with JNL and this gave me plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions and get specific advice for my situation.Additionally I very much enjoyed the seminars which I'm putting on my ipod so I may listen and continue to be inspired and motivated long after this program is over. One of my favorite new habits is my very own spa night. I fill my bathtub with hot water and add epsom salts & bubble bath, then I light scented candles, pour a glass of red wine, open a 100 calorie dark chocolate bar, set my ipod to nice slow relaxing music that I love, and slip into the tub with a great book. I can't tell you how much this revitalizes me and gives me time to reflect and find immense gratitude for my life. Thank you JNL for this great program. I am so very glad I took this step and I am so grateful for exactly where I am, what I have learned, and where I am I going next.

Mariska, Wife, Mom and Spa Owner
Love Jen! She got straight into the matters that needed to be dealt with in order to progress in all areas of my life.Extremely motivational and supportive and giving of herself, truly the best way to start off my New Year!

Donna, Wife and Mom of 2, Top Executive
After a very long journey of yo-yo weight loss, I had reached a plateau and needed to break through. I knew that it wasn't really a true plateau, but more of a mental plateau because I continued to return to the self-sabotaging behaviors that kept me from reaching my final goals. Working with Jennifer Nicole Lee in the Mind, Body and Soul Program has really been a life-changing experience for me. She's more than just a fitness and nutrition expert, she uses her own journey of life transformation in order to help you with yours.Losing weight is not just about what you eat and how much you exercise, but there is a very important mental component that most people are missing, and I know this was the case for me. The Mind, Body and Soul Program brings all of these components together. So, implementing the tools and techniques that Jennifer Nicole Lee provides, helped me to achieve greater balance in my life and really take control in reaching my destiny. This is really a life program, not just a diet and exercise program. I would say one of the most incredible benefits I have received from the Mind, Body and Soul Program is that my husband and kids are learning now from me and we are really improving our life as it stands now and paving the way for our future! For anybody who's ready to make permanent changes in their life and finally reach their goals, this is a fabulous opportunity that shouldn't be missed. I know it has changed my life and I am so close to my final goals and plan on working with Jennifer Nicole Lee as I continue on my journey!

Jennifer, California

The New Year Evolution Program was incredible way to start the year. We spent one week each focusing on the Mind, Body and Soul. I learned the importance of focus and clarity in achieving my goals. All of the steps of the program are essential for achieving your desired results. I never knew how important my mental and emotional states of mind were for achieving physical success. I started the program at 127lbs and after 4 weeks of a new and improved lifestyle I weigh 120lbs. Even though the 4 weeks has come to an end I plan on continuing with the program for the entire year.

Judy Stein, Mother and Nurse
I love this program! It really helped me to lose weight, gain confidence, and take action in my life. I finally got a control over my addictive habits of emotional eating that no matter how hard I tried to control could not end it. Now I am healthier, healed and happier. I urge any and all people to invest in this small price to enjoy huge personal accomplishments.


Nancy, Nurse, Illinois


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In "The Mind, Body, & Soul Program" you will also learn how to


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1. Four 1-hour, educational and informational audio seminars addressing the Mind, The Body and The Soul, coaching you through perfecting your weight loss program, weight training program, help you pinpoint your life's goals and passions, increase your business productivity and then achieve them (Value = $4000)

2. Unlimited Access to Four 1 hour motivational, educational, and informational seminars that you can listen to at any time, as many times as you want! Topics covered will be how to live your best life ever, look and feel your best, lose weight, gain confidence, increase productivity in your business, and also find your passions in life! (Value $4,000)

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