Mind Body and Soul Program Application
YES I deserve more -- I'm ready to create miracles in my life! With your new "Mind, Body and Soul" program, I will get:

  1. Four 1-hour, educational and informational audio seminars addressing the Mind, The Body and The Soul, coaching you through perfecting my weight loss program, weight training program, help you pinpoint my life's goals and passions, increase my business productivity and then achieve them (Value = $4000)

  2. Unlimited Access to Four 1 hour motivational, educational, and informational seminars that I can listen to at any time, as many times as I want! Topics covered will be how to live my best life ever, look and feel my best, lose weight, gain confidence, increase productivity in my business, and also find my passions in life! (Value $4,000)

  3. Special BONUS Material! A FIFTH never released before one hour long audio seminar on how to increase my financial prosperity, how to implement "rain making strategies" in my profession in dry times"! (Value $1,000)

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