Jan 16-19 2015!

The World's Largest JNL FUSION MASTER TRAINER Conference! The Official World's Conference for all JNL Fusion Ambassadors, Certified Personal Trainers, Master Trainers, & Education Specialists

Get in on the action! Unmatchable networking world conference, build your resume, meet the movers & shakers of the fitness/wellness/beauty industry! And get JNL Fusion Certified as a Master Trainer!

Work with Jennifer Nicole Lee one on one, and her amazing dream team of top experts! Join the Elite Team of JNL Fusion Master Trainers & network with the most powerful game changers of our industry! Build Your brand and business, meet major movers & shakers in the JNL Fusion Coaching Program & Get JNL Fusion Master Trainer Certified!

Manifest your dreams, make your goals happen, and empower yourself at this one and only super 3 day mega event that will quantum leap your fitness, financial & wellness goals!

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If you are more interested in enjoying the Fitness Revival aspect, and are not a Personal trainer, what Wellness Retreat activities are you interested in? For example, The JNL FUSION workouts? Booking a Fitness Model Factory Photo Shoot? Scheduling a Private Consultation? Hearing JNL's motivational speaking? Networking? Masterminding?
If you are interested in booking a half day "JNL Approved Fitness Model Factory Photo Shoot", please note this request here, and we will help you reserve your spot and save you a space: Yes, contact me to book a photo shoot!
No photo shoot, thanks anyway.
Why do you feel you should be JNL Fusion Certified, & attend the Jennifer Nicole Lee Worldwide Conference?
What qualifications and certifications do you currently hold? And what other notable achievements are on your resume?
What are your business, branding, marketing, networking and fitness goals?
How do you feel that your current gifts, talents, business positions, history & expertise would add to our global group of highly supportive like-minded & driven women? In other words, what do you feel you would bring to the JNL Worldwide Conference?
Your Goals as a JNL Fusion Certified Master Trainer? And your business goals?
Why do you want to work with Jennifer Nicole Lee? Why do you want to join into our VIP global inner circle?

Why do you feel that you deserve this special one time opportunity, from the other thousands who have also applied? What makes you stand out and special?

Any other additional information that you would like to share with Team JNL to help you get accepted, please note it here:
If you are JNL-Approved, and your application is accepted, do you want to pay in monthly installments, or take advantage of receiving 10% off your admission price by paying in full? Please note here: I want to pay in installments
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NOTE: You will be billed upon acceptance of your application. NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED, READ OR EVEN CONSIDERED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED WITH CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. . Total admission fee is $699 for past JNL World Conference Attendees. If you have never attended a JNL World Conference, and this is your first time the rate for newcomers is $799. The credit card will be charged a total of $299.00 once you are approved to lock in your space and to have your name in for the 5th Annual JNL Worldwide Conference. Your account will then be charged in installments, billed on the first of the month, for the months following your application date. The installments will be divided up into 3 remaining installments. For example if you are a past attendee, to reserve your space it will be an initial $199, followed by 3 installments of $167. If you are a new attendee, you will reserve your space for $199, and then billed for 3 installments of $199.If you want to pay in full, you will receive a 10% discount. If you wish to pay in full, please note this in your ADDITIONAL INFO FIELD ABOVE. All fees must be paid in full by January 10th, 2015. If for any reason you are not accepted, your credit card will NOT be charged. Once you are approved, and have paid in full, or made any partial payments, your fees are non-refundable due to the exclusive and special nature of this live event. Again-no fees will be refunded back to you. You may use any and all fees as a credit paid towards a future LIVE event, or towards any JNL merchandise at or



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"I hereby give permission for JNL, Inc. to charge my credit card a total of $199 to reserve my space, with the additional payment installments as noted above. I understand if I am selected and approved to attend the 2015 5th Annual JNL Worldwide Conference, this fee of $199 and the subsequent payment installments are NOT refundable."


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Quick Facts about the 5th Annual Jennifer Nicole Lee World Conference: 

Applications NOW being taken! Priority is given to those who apply first, so apply now to secure your spot. Due to the quality that JNL gives, she is only training a small number of applicants, therefore apply now if you are serious.

Once you have been selected and your application is approved, one of JNL's representatives will be contacting you to set up the telephone consulation, and to also give you all event details! This is a private VIP event! Only details will be given to those who apply and are approved! This event is NOT ONLY for Personal trainers! You can be any size, any shape, any fitness level-as this is also a huge networking business focused world conference. If you have any specific questions about this event, please email

Good luck on getting selected, and Team JNL & Jennifer Nicole Lee  are dedicated to YOUR success!